get rid of tummy – weight loss tips

Get rid of tummy fat forever and never again have to worry about what you wear or how much to eat, calorie counting etc.
Lets face it, dieting is a nightmare and finding the right plan, pill or supplement can be a task in itself. Did you know that the average woman spends half her life on some sort of diet? Wouldn’t it be great to finally solve that dilemma and know something that will always work for you, time and time again? I was definitely what people term as a yo-yo dieter until I found what works for me, the 7 day belly blast. Even now I return to it from time to time if I’ve gained a few pounds after a particularly indulgent weekend or holiday – which does happen, I am only human after all!

I now monitor my weight on a weekly basis, after discovering the three things that all successful dieters (as in people who did not regain the weight that they had lost) had in common. These were:

  • monitor your weight on a weekly basis
  • eat breakfast everyday
  • buy a piece of cardiovascular exercise equipment (i.e. a cross-trainer)

Sounds simple don’t you think? My top tip would be to put your exercise machine by the tv, and watch your favourite soaps whilst you work out. For me, this means indulging in my no1 guilty pleasure and not feeling bad about it. – obviously I’m talking about the TV here, not the work-out!

Whatever you choose to do, make sure it is FUN, otherwise you won’t keep it up for long. I’m sure that you have heard this before, but exercise really increases any dieting efforts you make ten times over. The only problem is exercise seems so hard and boring, but it really needn’t be. Just remember as long as your are moving, you are exercising so do something you enjoy.

Another top tip if you really can’t face the idea of doing exercise, is tell yourself that you only need to do 5 minutes. Most of the time you will find that once you have made a start, you keep going – it’s the getting started that’s the hard bit. Ok, sometimes you will stop after 5 mins, but even that is better than nothing right?